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Kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming. In this blog, browse our collection of articles to educate and guide homeowners through the kitchen design process to help simplify this journey. Get answers to commonly asked questions, tips on what to look for in a remodeling company, and more.

how much do new kitchen cabinets cost

Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Your Kitchen Cabinets

How much do new kitchen cabinets cost? Your kitchen remodeling project includes many decisions, both large and small.  Recognizing options, trade-offs, and relative impact can help you understand how those decisions throughout the process affect the cost of your new kitchen.  At Frontier Kitchens, we’re here with you at every...

cabinet door selection

Getting Started: Cabinet Doors

How to Choose the Right Cabinet Doors for your Kitchen Your choice of cabinet door style and color is an important design feature, setting the tone for your kitchen space.  In our Cabinet overview, we discussed two cabinet types: frameless and faceframe cabinets. Your cabinet door selection depends on the...

kitchen cabinet selection

Getting Started: Cabinet Selection

How to Choose the Right Cabinets for your Kitchen Choosing the right cabinets for your new kitchen can be overwhelming, with so many styles, colors, and materials to choose from. The choice of modern vs. traditional styles will impact the lasting value and impression your kitchen makes. As cabinets are...

candlelight cabinetry

What makes Candlelight Cabinets unique?

About Candlelight Candlelight Cabinetry is well-established locally, with over 30 years of experience manufacturing high-quality semi-custom and custom cabinetry at competitive prices, right here in Western New York.  Thoughtful decisions lead to the highest quality cabinets available in today’s market We appreciate that Candlelight “walks the talk” and builds quality...

kitchen design process

What to Expect in the Kitchen Design Process

The kitchen design process may feel daunting, with so many details to attend to and steps to coordinate. Working with an experienced kitchen designer can relieve much of the anxiety associated with a project of this scope.  Let’s walk through the overall process steps so you know what to expect...

role of the kitchen designer

The Role of the Kitchen Designer in your Kitchen Remodel Process

Your kitchen designer plays an integral role in your kitchen remodel project. Ideally, there’s one person who is intimately involved throughout every step of your project, start to finish. Your relationship begins the minute you walk into the showroom, proceeding through the design process, parts and appliance specification (where accurate...