What to Expect in the Kitchen Design Process

kitchen design process
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The kitchen design process may feel daunting, with so many details to attend to and steps to coordinate. Working with an experienced kitchen designer can relieve much of the anxiety associated with a project of this scope. 

Let’s walk through the overall process steps so you know what to expect before jumping in!

The design consultation

It all starts with an initial design consultation with your kitchen designer to discuss your goals. While your goals naturally include budget and schedule considerations, it’s equally important to cover ideas, likes and dislikes, needs and wants, and overall objectives in making your new kitchen space a part of your home you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

This first step is critical in aligning design options with your desires and sets a solid foundation for the project. Design consultations include:

  • Reviewing samples in the showroom to understand which options best meet your needs. 
  • Discussing possible challenges, limitations, or issues. 
  • Reviewing your idea book and any magazine articles or Pinterest pins you’ve saved.

Before you even start your design consultation, make sure you select the kitchen designer that is right for you and your goals.
Learn what questions to ask in our eBook: 5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Kitchen Designer

Kitchen space planning

Planning starts with fully understanding the specific details of your existing space and any constraints or limitations. During this phase, an experienced kitchen designer:

  • Visits your home to take precise measurements.
  • Reviews the existing space with you to better understand your ideas for transformation. 
  • Discusses with you the possible layout options that will best work in your space.

Considering options and making choices

With so many options for everything from cabinets to countertops to hinges, your kitchen designer is a valuable resource in explaining selection criteria and tradeoffs. You’ll discuss:

  • Options for cabinetry and associated hardware, such as hinges, handles, and knobs.
  • Options for countertops, including the pros and cons of material types.
  • Trade-offs of choices, pros and cons of options, the budget impact of selections, and more.

Presentation of plans

At this exciting phase of the journey, your kitchen designer presents design plans. Additional discussion makes the designer aware of any points missed in the process. 

  • Together you review and discuss the presented plans. The initial consultation and proposal process are conducted at no charge.
  • Once finalized, you commit to a contract, payment plan, and schedule. An initial deposit is required to move forward with any project, with the amount based on the project’s size and complexity.
  • At this point, the design may be fine-tuned based on additional change requests or design decisions.
  • Final decisions are made on cabinetry, countertops, finishes, appliances, and other details.

Ordering and scheduling of materials and workers

Your kitchen designer coordinates the delivery and integration of materials and specialists engaged to complete specific work tasks.

  • Materials are ordered, delivery schedules are confirmed.
  • The kitchen designer coordinates the schedule so all elements are delivered when needed, and all contracted workers are on the calendar in the right order.


As your new kitchen is coming together, careful coordination is required.

  • Vetted and experienced specialists complete work to install cabinets, countertops, and appliances.
  • The kitchen designer checks in with the installation team to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Final touches

Your kitchen designer works with you to ensure the completion of all finishing touches, answer questions, and address issues.  

Post-installation review is critical to ensure no details are missed and you’re happy with every aspect of your new kitchen.

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