Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Your Kitchen Cabinets

how much do new kitchen cabinets cost
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How much do new kitchen cabinets cost?

Your kitchen remodeling project includes many decisions, both large and small. 

Recognizing options, trade-offs, and relative impact can help you understand how those decisions throughout the process affect the cost of your new kitchen. 

At Frontier Kitchens, we’re here with you at every step, providing education and guidance to help you design a kitchen that meets your needs while offering the greatest value for your investment.

Kitchen cabinet costs are based on a number of key elements.

Key cabinet design decision points include:

Type of cabinet and door production: Three types of cabinet production approaches allow you to choose cabinets that fit your style and budget. Stock cabinets are the most economical option, while semi-custom and custom cabinets have increased costs and delivery timelines related to built-to-order work. Learn more about what to consider when selecting cabinets.

Cabinet materials: The choice of materials impacts cost. Full plywood doors are more expensive than Duralux, with added stability and durability.

Combination cabinets: When your kitchen includes spaces to fit two adjacent standard-size cabinets, you may have an option to combine to a single cabinet for more efficient use of the space, as well as cost savings.   

Dimension customization: When your cabinet space is not a standard combination of height, width, and depth, stock cabinets may not be an option, and customization adds cost. A cost-effective alternative is to use a filler to enable cabinets to fit standard spaces, allowing use of standard size cabinets, at standard prices. Invisible from the front, fillers are a cost-effective way to fill the space without requiring custom work.

Door installation: Depending on your cabinet style, you have three door installation options: full inset, full overlay, and partial overlay. Learn more about each of these options.

Glass door panels: Including a glass panel may be an attractive aesthetic addition to your cabinet doors. That added design also adds cost, as it requires more door prep, the cost of the glass, and a finished interior which will be visible through the front of the door.  

Finish customization: Adding extra effects to the standard cabinet stain or finish can add to the cost.  

Drawer style: A 5-piece drawer front consists of a 4-piece frame around a center panel, with a number of options allowing you to customize the style of your drawer front. A flat slab front provides a more contemporary look, and offers cost-savings in its simpler construction. 


Every kitchen’s cost depends on many decisions you make along the way, including both functionality and aesthetics. 

When it comes to making cost-relevant decisions, consider these questions:

  • Who will be using the kitchen most, and which features are most important to them?
  • Which features are essential to the daily use of your kitchen, vs. “nice to have?”
  • Is short-term resale value a factor to discuss?

Your kitchen designer is there to answer questions, explain alternatives, and provide insight into cost-vs.-functionality trade-offs. Learn more about the role of a kitchen designer in your remodel process.

Frontier Kitchens has developed an excellent reputation in our community as a reputable, creative, and professional source for kitchen design. Our solid relationships with vendors and suppliers of high-quality cabinets and doors allow our experienced kitchen designers to create your dream kitchen.When you’re ready to meet our kitchen designers and learn how they can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams, contact us or drop by our showroom.